Welcome to the Delta Vector Control District web site. It is a pleasure to be of service to you. The Delta Vector Control District strives to be the finest and most responsive governmental organization you have ever encountered.  Our employees are well trained, very professional, and caring.  As an organization, we are committed to providing effective, responsive, courteous, and timely service to you.  We are problem solvers; willing to work hard to address and solve any vector problem, you may be experiencing.


Please feel free to call me at (559)732-8606 or email me at alburnm@deltavcd.com with any comments or feedback about our service. Delta VCD is here to serve you.




Michael W. Alburn

General Manager


Vision Statement:


The Delta Vector Control District will be the authority for vector control and vector-borne disease prevention in Tulare County.


Mission Statement:


“The Delta Vector Control District is committed to protecting the public's health from vector-borne disease and discomfort by delivering exceptional services which preserve and enhance the quality of life and desirability of the area in order to make Tulare County a safe place in which to live, work and raise a family.”




*     provide continual surveillance of mosquitoes to determine the threat of disease transmission and annoyance levels; and,


*     use safe integrated pest management methods to keep mosquito populations suppressed; and,


*     promote cooperation and communication with property owners, residents, social and political groups, and governmental agencies.


The residents of Tulare County and their selected legislative and administrative representatives depend on the District to employ the finest qualified persons.  The tenure of every employee will be based upon a demonstrated need for the work performed, availability of funds, faithful and effective performance, proper personal conduct, and continuing fitness for the position.  Each employee will be encouraged, trained, and developed to assure optimum performance.